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Treatment of graft-versus-host disease using allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells.

Song SU.


Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells Volume 2. Chapter 26 (2011)

Characterization of mouse mesenchymal stem cell lines established by subfractionation culturing method.

Jeon MS, Yi TG, Lim HJ, Moon SH, Lee MH, Kang JS, Kim CS, Lee DH, and Song SU.


World Journal of Stem Cells. 3(8):70-82 (2011)

Human bone marrow-derived clonal mesenchymal stem cells inhibit inflammation and reduce acute pancreatitis in rats.

Jung KH, Song SU, Yi T, Jeon MS, Hong SW, Zheng HM, Lee HS, Choi MJ, Lee DH, Hong SS.


Gastroenterology. 140(3):998-1008 (2011)